CAIR-Chicago’s Maaria Mozaffar Speaks on Illinois Council on Women & Girls

CAIR-Chicago is proud to share that their legislative attorney, Maaria Mozaffar, was featured on ABC7 Newsviews on Sunday, March 25th, 2018. Maaria spoke about the Illinois Council on Women & Girls, which was formed to strengthen women’s voices in the formative phases of legislation.

“This should have been created a long time ago…issues facing women have been going on for years,” Maaria explained. “Women who have been marching have woken up in the public sense–we have always been doing the heavy lifting behind the scenes.”

The council is currently a bill on the legislative floor and therefore unofficial, but it has widespread support across the state.

“This is not only something that the elected officials want, but the constituents also want,” Kina Collins, chairwoman of the council, stated. “When we’re lifting up women and girls, we’re essentially lifting up the entire community.”

The council also aims to provide legislative support in nine impact areas, including education, workplace equity, safety, and intersectionality.

“Any policy change is based on persistence,” Maaria continued. “Now women realize that we need to be able to create laws, advise laws, and we need to be able to vote for laws.”

To watch the whole feature on Newsviews, click here.