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Easy Dollar-a-Day Sponsorship

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Why a Dollar-a-Day?

If enough people commit to a $1/day ($30/month) gift to CAIR-Chicago, all of our key projects will have sufficient and steady funding to be seen through successfully.

CAIR Chicago is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. Though our projects and services are numerous, diverse, and of great relevance to the well-being of the Muslim-American community and society at large, we do not have a steady source of income to fund our efforts. We do not sell our services, all our work is done pro-bono. Consequently, we depend solely on the generosity of the friends and allies of CAIR-Chicago to keep the organization up and running.

CAIR-Chicago is a grassroots organization; therefore, it only makes sense for its work to be funded through a grassroots support network.

Your gift of $30/month or more will go towards:

  • Defending, and advocating for, the civil rights of Muslims in America.
  • Engaging and challenging the media’s false — and anti-Muslim — representation projects of the Muslim community.
  • Involving the Muslim community in the American political process towards securing their full rights.
  • Hosting events, trainings, workshops, and speaking engagements that advocate for, support, and educate our fellow Americans — both Muslims and non-Muslims
  • Challenging the bias and sensationalism that targets Muslims – be it from Washington or Hollywood.

Your monthly gifts will go a long way in benefiting the Muslim community and making America a better place for all of us. If only 2250 people signed up, our entire budget would be met! Please make a pledge today.

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We never share your data with third party agents.

We also accept mail-in checks, please make payable to CAIR Chicago and send to: 17 N State St. Suite 1500 – Chicago, IL 60602.
You may also call us, to make a credit card donation by phone, at 312-212-1520.